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 Social media, growth hacking, mobile, SEO, internet marketing, digital,SMM, CRO and the list goes on.
Don't worry if you feel a little confused by it all. I'm here to help.
Peter F. DruckerManagement Consultant | Business Pioneer

Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.


Are you ready to get the maximum return for the time and money you invest in marketing your product or service? Every day I help clients just like you "do the right thing" and not just be busy with the hot, new, shiny object of the day. We've found that too often busy activities and shiny objects -- don't lead to increasing revenue, connecting with the target audience or achieving your business goals. Let's change that! Join the marketing and innovation revolution. Welcome to -- Let's Connect! 

Whether you're looking for strategic direction, expert coaching, or to join a community of like-minded business people I've got you covered. Just scroll down or see our SERVICES. I'm currently in Bangkok, Thailand having relocated from Philadelphia, PA. My passion is using technology and marketing to get dramatic business results. The internet doesn't care if your target audience is around the corner or on the other side of the globe. Use these tools effectively and your can market and sell without borders.
  Let me be "your guide to real marketing solutions".  

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Would you invest $30 a month to sharpen your marketing skills? Imagine the value of getting past the roadblocks. Having a strategy and being able to take charge of your marketing efforts is invaluable. Save time and money.  

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We sift through the jargon, hype and buzzwords and find the practical information. We all know the value of a good teacher and a mentor. You wouldn't be reading this without one. I bring the classes to you, on your time and your schedule.

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We want to grow our business, not just see fancy design, sales pages and promoters hyping products they don't use. The "new shiny thing syndrome" has gotten all of us. We eliminate that because I use and review them first! 

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To be your guide to real marketing solutions. Too many marketers are in the business of just cranking out and promoting products. Sure they make money and generate affiliate commissions. But what about the buyer?  Let me show you how to apply marketing strategies and tactics that most Fortune 500 companies are still trying to figure out.    

  • You'll be able to apply this knowledge to grow your business.  
  • Once you understand you can do it yourself or hire more intelligently.
  • Raise your brand awareness, increase demand, and drive sales.  


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