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norm bond media guest

I was like 'I know computers, I've been doing this since I was eleven. What can you really show me?' But I'll tell you, I've learned so much that I've actually re-worked our marketing on a dime!"

J. Wilson 
Owner, JCW Computer Consulting, LLC
Norm Bond
NORM BOND shows people how to use digital marketing tools to find customers, grow sales and increase profits. And if you're not using digital tools he shows you how to do that too. He currently splits his time between Bangkok, Thailand and the U.S. He is available for consulting and speaking.
Norm Bond


Consultant & global strategist. Marketing, social media, PR. Solution dealer. Crashes servers. Sells out events. Highly influential | https://t.co/tjspkz2TRH
There's a valuable lesson to learn if you can demonstrate your... More for Pisces https://t.co/7ouCQTNxvF - 3 hours ago
Norm Bond
Norm Bond