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Today for business owners marketing can be tough. There’s been an information explosion. The internet, email, social media and mobile devices create an overwhelming amount of data.   

Your prospective customers are spread out over more communication channels than ever. They're online, off-line, on mobile phones, using laptops, tablets and desktops. 

And each of these channels, platforms and tools has different requirements in order for your marketing efforts to work.

Prospective customers can be found locally and globally. And they have a variety of interests, ages and income levels.

How can you be effective in marketing today and still run your business? It's easy to lose money and market share.
Use my experience to make your marketing simple and effective. 
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The concert went very well. I used some of the social media marketing you talked about from your webinar. It really helped my attendance numbers increase at my concert! Standing Room Only!"
P. Newberry 
Coloratura Soprano 

You gave us strategies that we can use to work it
organically into what we're already doing."
J. Wilson 
Owner, JCW Computer Consulting, LLC


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Digital Marketer. Growth Hacker. Solution Dealer.
I started my career as a marketing rep for IBM

Back then my job was to sell mid-range computers to medium sized
companies in the manufacturing and transportation industry. We did
that pretty well in the 80's and 90's and sold millions of dollars in hardware.
But the industry shifted and you probably know the story.
(Watch "Halt and Catch Fire").

Norm Bond keynotes at NDW Event in Cincinnati

Norm Bond keynotes at NDW Event in Cincinnati

Then I moved into entrepreneurship and published the first magazine on diversity. We did a special advertising project with BusinessWeek. The piece "Diversity: Making the Business Case" reached about 6-million people. And I also got to sell ads for $80,000USD without a bleed. I've been an entrepreneur every since.

Marketing today is a lot more fun. You can connect with a target audience faster, cheaper and better than at any time in my career.

The digital tools available are absolutely amazing and getting better every day. And the Web makes it possible to distribute your message locally or globally with the same ease. It's a marketer's paradise.

In 2014 we moved from Philly to living in Bangkok, Thailand.  Now I'm building out the "work from anywhere life". I'm able to market worldwide from my laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

I look forward to connecting with you directly and
helping you surpass YOUR marketing goals.

Happy Marketing!