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Avoiding Real Time Marketing and Public Relations Disasters

Writing a customer complaint letter, while still effective is like riding the local bus from New York to California. Today, savvy consumers can reach millions of eyeballs in a fraction of the time by creatively using social media tools. Smart companies and brands recognize this in their customer service, public relations, and marketing efforts. Other companies lose millions of dollars by ineffectively handling these issues and enabling public relations disasters. Have you ever heard of the Canadian music group Sons of Maxwell? Well join the nine million viewers who watched "United Breaks Guitars", their complaint video targeted at giant United Airlines.

When consumers grab your company by the throat, they can make you beg for mercy. Why wait until million of viewers have seen your brand portrayed in a negative light? The slow and deliberate approach of even ten years ago can carry huge economic costs. Poor customer service, not valuing today's diverse markets, and being unaware of the speed and reach of technology can result in your CEO being fired. If  you're not aware of strategic approaches to address today's changing marketplace, we're here to help.

How would your company have responded? Are you capable of addressing these issues in real-time or are you on the local bus? Savvy companies recognize that one irate consumer can turn into a firestorm of bad public relations, cost millions of dollars in loss revenue, and do major damage to your brand reputation in the global marketplace. Remember when Southwest Airlines told movie director Kevin Smith that he was too fat to fly? When he shared his experience with his 1.8 million twitter followers, the company had to resort to extensive damage control.

The balance of power is shifting between the consumer and the marketer. Be aware of this as you train your employees, build your brand, and launch your marketing campaigns. Otherwise your company could become the next viral video sensation -- in a bad way.

What say you?

Norm Bond
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Norm Bond


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Norm Bond
Norm Bond
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