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Biz Owners Learn “Effective Social Media Marketing”

Effective Social Media Class

Participants in the "Effective Social Media Marketing" class were overwhelmingly pleased with the information they received during the six week experience. Taught by Norm Bond, and offered through the African American Chamber of Commerce of PANJDE the class recently concluded.  You can watch a short video of feedback from the mix of small business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profit organization leaders that participated in the class on this page.

Each week focused on a different element of social media marketing. Topics included: Introduction to Social Media Marketing, Define Your Target Audience, Content, Distribution, Productivity and Social Media Analytics.

The occasion also marked the conclusion of the first round of the "Who Moved My Marketing?" 90Day Social Media Challenge | #WMMM.

Participants receive a daily free marketing tip via twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BlackPlanet or other Social Media. The information is designed to help educate, inform and improve the readers own marketing efforts.

The "Marketing Solution In-A-Box" is a paid subscription option available exclusively through NORMBONDMARKETS.com. This is a "no contract, 100% money back guaranteed" option to gain access to practical marketing information. For less than $30 per month, subscribers receive access to carefully selected downloadable tools including marketing e-books, audios, videos, whitepapers, webinars, and discounted and direct access personally to Norm Bond via e-mail or telephone to help them "learn how to market".

To get started immediately with your "Marketing Solution In-A-Box" you can click here or use the "JOIN" option on this page.

With the internet being swamped with so called "marketing experts" and information, do your own due diligence. Even online the old adage holds true "let the buyer beware".

We hope you'll decide to JOIN us on the path to marketing success.

About the Author normbond

NORM BOND helps entrepreneurs and businesses increase their impact by embracing the potential of Internet and Web-based marketing, social media, mobile and digital communications. He is the author of "How to Make Money Online with Holiday Marketing" now available on Amazon. A global marketer, digital strategist and speaker he splits his time between Bangkok, Thailand and the U.S.

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