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Blogging While Brown 2015Since its launch in 2008, Blogging While Brown has grown to become the premier blogging conference dedicated to education, collaboration, and innovation among bloggers of color. The 2015 BWB conference is being held June 19 - 20 in Austin, Texas. Registration is open and I would encourage you to book early and also tell your friends.

I attended the 2012 BWB Conference in Philadelphia and was totally impressed by the experience. and beyond the professional growth, technical expertise and sponsor presentations I really enjoyed the vibe. It's a community feel and many repeat attendees, but not cliqueish -- and you probably know what I mean. If not, leave it in the comments and I'll expound on that for 'ya.

Social Media Marketing World"Often people will ask the question "why is it necessary to have a conference or event, or newspaper, or grocery store -- you fill in the blank -- that speaks specifically to Black people?"

Or in this circumstance, "Brown" people. So let me just say this, in response to that..because those "others" are not inclusive. Bang, yeah I said it. Now note before y'all hit my comment box, that I didn't say racist, I said inclusive.

I've blogged, talked and tweeted about the tremendous absence of Black people from many of the "social media" and other conferences that occur in the digital and technology space. It's not cool. I've called and emailed some of the organizers. Typically I hear the same lame excuses "we don't know any Black people" -- or "we couldn't find any Black people", or "we're looking for people who represent or have clients that are the largest in the industry".

Look, I heard those same responses from corporations years ago in regards to their lack of hiring Black people (known in some circles as "minorities"). It was lame then and it's lame now. So I'm done with that. Let's just jump on board, create and support our own and perhaps eventually those other conferences will be more inclusive.

In the interim, and I'm sure beyond, the organizers of Blogging While Brown do an amazing job of bringing together top notch panelists, speakers and topics. Please go to the registration page and see it for yourself. Full disclosure: I am an affiliate this year so use my link and help a brotha out!

Alright so Blogging While Brown, 2015. Use my link, spread the word, leave comments below.


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