One Simple Sure-Fire Way To Take Your Small Business Blog To The Next Level... And It Only Takes 5 Minutes!

Is your company’s blog 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional? Is it a one-way communication channel, or is it two-way? Is your company’s blog entertaining and engaging? Or, is it like most other company blogs? Dull, and dead.

The statistics say that only 1-in-6 people trust company blogs. Why is this? Why do your customers not trust your company’s blog? Let’s take a look at it.

Why Most Company Blogs Suck

Growing your company’s blog is a process of providing content and getting visitors to your website. But you always want to find ways to add value and to make your blog more well rounded. If you don’t, you’ll fall into the 1-in-6 bottomless pit...

Backlinking and writing posts are just the very basics of blogging. You can build backlinks and write posts for years on end and build a wonderful blog, but are you taking it to the next level? Are you building the desired business-to-consumer relationships that prime business growth?

What is it that every major blog has in common? They are all posting articles. They are all backlinking. What are you doing differently to separate yourself from the crowd? What are you doing differently to get your customers to trust your brand? What are you doing differently to beat the 1-in-6 statistics and to take your blog to the next level?

Hi, Norm Bond here. And I am about to reveal one simple sure-fire way in which you can increase readership, add immense value to your blog and beat the dreaded 1-in-6 odds. And you can do so in just 5 minutes time!

What do you do?

Create "How-To" Posts

Does your business sell a product or service? Sure it does. Well, why not write a “pillar” post, or a "how-to" post about that product or service.

What is a "how-to" post?

Basically, these are tutorial style articles. These are articles that give your reader step-by-step instructions about how-to do a particular task.

Do you sell a piece of software that can be confusing to first time customers? Create a how-to article on a few of the different features.

Do you have a product that can be complicated to new buyers? Perhaps an advanced GPS navigation system? How about writing a how-to article on using the “drive to” feature...?

Perhaps you offer Search Engine Optimization services to other small businesses? You could put together a small how-to article which showcases step-by-step how a business can improve their search engine listing, and in turn, increase the traffic to their website.

Whatever type of business you have, you can come up with some simple how-to articles, and they only take about 5 minutes to write and publish.

What will these little how-to posts do for your blog? Well, they build “sticky” readership. They increase the value you provide to your customer, and they keep them coming back for more and more... And that’s the goal of your blog: keeping your visitors coming back AND converting them into paying customers!

But that’s not all! How-to posts are just ONE simple step to taking your company’s blog to the next level. There are 6 more!


Blogging for Small Businesses

Blogging for Small Businesses is an ebook written with you, the small business owner, in mind. It reveals the secrets of blogging that the big guys use to engage their customers, and shows you step-by-step how you can tap into that same power of social blogging.

Consider this a “pillar” report: a step-by-step how-to guide on taking your blog to the next level!

Using the easy to follow techniques outlined in this ebook you will: engage customers, retain readership & loyalty, and ultimately... You will convert readers into paying customers.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

So, What Do You Have To Invest To Get This Business Blogging Transforming Ebook?

First, ask yourself what a new customer is worth to your business. How about two? Three? Five? Ten? 30? and so on…?

It’s worth your livelihood. It’s worth spending hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars on overrated advertising platforms like: television, newspaper, radio and so forth.

But what if you could turn that $500 radio ad into a $0 marketing technique? A technique that would bring you just as many targeted customers AND is more efficient…? A technique that you can do over and over again…?

Would you pay $100 to save $500? In fact, you would be spending $100 once to save $500 time and time again… Would that appeal to you?

Sure it would!

And guess what! You don’t have to invest $100 today… You don’t even have to invest $97 Not $57Not $37.

Today you can get Blogging for Small Businesses for a one-time low investment of just $27— that’s cheaper than treating your loved one to a nice dinner out!

But this is a limited time offer! More on that later… But first, how about an enticing bonus?

Extra Bonus #1

Blogging Resources

$17 Value

But that’s not all! There’s more...

I am including, for a limited time, all the blogging resources you will need to take your company’s blog to the next level.

Do you know which blogging platform to use for your company’s blog? Do you know where to go to get some customized logo designs, or where to get some free premium blogging themes? How about which website host is best?

This blogging resource will save you an untold amount of time in research, AND it will save you an untold amount of dollars in buying the wrong stuff for your blog.

Here’s what you’ll uncover:

Extra Bonus #2

Blogging For Small Businesses MP3

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For a limited time, I am offering the complete PROFESSIONALLY transcribed MP3 audio of the Blogging for Small Businesses ebook.

It is word-for-word what’s included in the ebook itself. And best yet…? It’s available for instant download! No waiting around for a disk, and no paying for shipping & handling.

Just download the audio and put it on your iPod or MP3 player.

What can you do with the audio?

The convenient audio will not be available forever, so, make sure you get yours today!

Fast Action Bonus

Power of Blogging MP3

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We’re not stopping with just one audio…

We are including (for a limited time) the PROFESSIONALLY transcribed audio of our popular "Power of Blogging" report.

In this audio you will discover:

The Power of Blogging audio is the perfect addition to the Blogging for Small Businesses package! Listen to the audio at the gym, in the car, grocery shopping, or wherever!

Our 60-Day “Customer Best Be Satisfied” Guarantee

Let’s recap:

Here’s What You Get Today

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Power of Blogging

All the best!

Norm Bond

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