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How to Take Charge of Your Holiday Marketing Content

toddler-playing holiday marketing

When most people think of content they think of text. Articles, blog posts and social media updates. This is only one of several types of holiday content that should be created.

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What $350 million spent on Halloween costumes for pets says about a niche

68 million Americans will dress up this Halloween and another 20 million pet owners will dress up their pet. And they will spend a scary $350 million to put their favorite animals into a costume. And this is a holiday spending trend that’s getting bigger every year.

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How the Consumer-Led Economy is Disrupting the Hotel Industry

worldwide hotel industry

The hotel industry is being disrupted. Of course we know about Airbnb but they may actually be the least of the industry’s problems. The real challenge is changing the culture of a business sector that has experienced tremendous success. History shows it’s difficult and the result is that former household names may go the way of Borders Books. […]

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Attention People Working to Change the World

The Bond Report Podcast

The Bond Report-podcast – our focus and content is targeted to: “people working to change the world — and realizing they can’t do it alone.” They need tools, connections and practical information. World changers come in all sizes and they could be working in either local or global markets. We focus on empowerment and ACTION – in […]

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6 tips to protect your mobile devices from theft

stolen mobile

Unfortunately, the pervasiveness of laptop computing has made portable systems an easy target for theft.

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CNN Ratings Surge as Ferguson Verdict and Unrest Drive Viewers to Cable News

cable channels

CNN hit 3.15 million viewers in the news demo — with a total 6.25 million viewers. FNC, which averaged 2.18 million adults 25-54, had the night’s peak audience with an average 7.25 million tuning in.

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NormBond markets from Bangkok

It’s a new day in marketing and if you want to maximize your chance for success be sure to check out what we’re sdoing from Bangkok, Thailand. See what #ActLocalMarketGlobal can do for you.

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Tech at Pantip Plaza Bangkok

Pantip Plaza, the info tech super center in Bangkok is unlike anything else you’ve seen in the world. Check out this brief tour.

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Five Tech Trends of 2014 You Should Have Implemented

What if you knew what the tech world was planning over the next three to five years? This would allow you to start positioning yourself to take advantage of these trends and maximize their effort for your specific interest and efforts. Well here you go!

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40 Global Tourist Scams to Avoid this Summer

40 tourist scams to avoid this summer

Scams are hot this summer, and they vary around the world. In a tight global economy more people may be looking for ways to make some fast money. Here are 40 tips to help you as you travel around the world or even in your local community.

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