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Virtual Reality Headsets Won’t Block Porn

Above: Immersed in a virtual world. Image Credit: Flickr/Sergey Galyonkin

The porn industry influences and drives adoption in the general market. Check the growth of beta/VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, streaming video and you will see the direct correlation

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Why ‘Flappy Bird’ Was Pulled, While Generating $50K in Daily Ad Monies

Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen

Being under the microscope with millions of people making comments about your creation can change the way you see the world. Dong said he has virtually disconnected himself from the Internet and hasn’t checked his email in days.

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‘One-ring’ cell phone scam could cost you money

missed call scam

Crooks let the phone ring once — just enough to cause a missed call message to pop up on victims’ phones — and then hang up. If you dial number back you’ll find yourself connected to a paid “adult entertainment service” located overseas.

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Alicia Keys and BlackBerry Break Up

Alicia Keys and Thorsten Heins

Well it looks like the Alicia Keys and Blackberry engagement has officially broken up. (I know – who expected it to last right?) On Thursday, BlackBerry announced it is ending its relationship with Keys, who just last January was named “global creative director.”

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Hennessy campaign garners 1.3M QR code interactions

LVMH-owned Hennessy’s promotion of its collaboration with the artist Kaws for a limited-edition bottle resulted in 1.3 million scans of the QR code that was created as part of the campaign.

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Google Buys Restaurant-Review Company Zagat

Zagat—well known for its pocket-size, burgundy-color guides—provides reviews of accommodations, restaurants, bars and shopping locations for more than 100 cities.

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Google acquires Motorola Mobility $12.5 billion deal

Google CEO Larry Page states, “Our acquisition of Motorola will increase competition by strengthening Google’s patent portfolio, which will enable us to better protect Android from anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple and other companies.”

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Google acquires QR code-based startup Punchd

It’s basically the digital version of the the “Buy 10 Get One Free Card” offered by coffee shops and supermarkets.

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3 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Overtaking Internet Marketing? By Gaurab Borah

mobile marketing money

There has been a lot of buzz about mobile marketing recently. Mobile marketing is the brand new era of marketing that can put your foot on the path of financial freedom. It is very effective and come in handy while promoting your products. It is a more targeted way of connecting to limitless clients. If you wonder “Is mobile marketing better than internet marketing”.

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Facebook Launches a New Mobile Ad Service

More than 20 corporate partners have joined with Facebook in introducing a new service that will allow local merchants to offer “deals” to Facebook users. When the consumer checks into the merchants “place” on Facebook, they’ll receive offers on their mobile device from restaurants, coffee shops, malls and other merchants.

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