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Blogging While Brown 2015 Austin,TX

Blogging While Brown 2015 |http://bit.ly/1FQXpxA

Blogging While Brown, the premier conference for innovators of color! Being held June 19-20 Austin, TX #BWB #REGISTERNOW >> http://bit.ly/1FQXpxA

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Secrets of blogging that the big guys use to engage their customers

Have you ever wondered what blogs with huge readership numbers are doing that attracts so much traffic to their sites? As a small business, how would you like to engage customers, retain readership, build brand loyalty and ultimately convert more of your readers into paying customers? Have you spent countless hours working hard to attract an […]

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Norm Bond Talks Tech, Marketing, Music & Biz with The Digital Drummer: Jim Neusom

Hear great usable information on technology, marketing, music and business in this edition of “The Digital Drummer” hosted by Jim Neusom with guests Norm Bond and entertainer, motivational speakerSERENITY aka-TDB.

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How do you follow “0” people on Twitter?

following zero people on twitter

So if someone is going to write books, hold exclusive events where they want you — yes you –the reading and supporting public to pay them tens of thousands of dollars, hold them accountable.

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Are you a Frank solopreneur? See how social media can help

Meet Frank, solopreneur

This Frank entrepreneur had his life changed through social media training. See how.

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Disappointing news in Twitter’s first earnings report as a public company

twitter @normbond

Sure there’s still hundreds of millions of users, but the name of the game is expansion, growth and profits. So look for changes in the platform real soon.

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REPORT: Posting to Facebook makes us feel less lonely

The good news for all those people who are frequently updating their Facebook status is that this action “can help you feel less lonely”.

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Bullsh*t Rappers Tweet: @MisterChuckD Goes In on NGAS In Paris

Never one to keep the righteous knowledge to himself @MrChuckD uses his @twitter voice to BLAZE on NGAS in Paris before a night’s rest

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Five Critical Elements to Help You Crowdfund Like Karen Klein: $560,000 in 48 Hours

Five critical elements that if you put them together at the right time –could help you be the next crowdsourcing success story.

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How To Create SEO Friendly Images

Creating SEO friendly images is simple to do, yet many website owners neglect this valuable source of search engine traffic.

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