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Overwhelmed owners missing the benefits of digital marketing 

"Don't sleep on social media marketing." - Business Owner Advises

Remember When all that was  Necessary to get New Business was to  Place an Ad in the Local Yellow Pages or  Run Some Commercials on Radio or Television...

Today it's websites, digital, mobile, social media and blending it all together. The problem is that most business owners have no clue about how to get this done effectively.  Don't you hate it when you visit a website that's so bad -- you can't share it with your friends? You liked the business or entrepreneur and wanted to support -- but their site hurts your credibility. NEXT!

People are checking you out online. They're Googling you and your company. They're writing reviews. They're talking about you in chats. And they're posting videos about you and your brand on YouTube, Instagram and Periscope. Success today demands that you manage your digital life.

Not only the celebrities and politicians. Top business owners, professionals, therapists, infopreneurs, barbers, stylists, and consultants recognize the value of their online presence.  

But millions of others are overwhelmed and confused about even how to get started. So they're missing out on the tremendous benefits that they could be realizing with a powerful digital marketing presence. This is for you..

A recent survey of small business owners by Constant Contact, a leading internet marketing company discovered that..​

Small Business Owners Who Invest In Digital Marketing Realize Tremendous Benefits...  

The internet, social media and mobile changed the definition of communication. Word-of-mouth became digital. People started recommending products online and sales soared. Can you say Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pies?

Regular folks started posting pictures of their meals at restaurants they liked. They shared videos of the new products they bought. And they wrote reviews about the hotels they visited and the customer service they received -- good or bad. They went on Twitter and told their fans about bad service and they let the world know that United Breaks Guitars. And buying behavior started to change. And companies started to notice -- and react.

Today people trust peer reviews and family feedback more that they believe the reports of experts. Yes, the audience your business needs is online, on mobile and on social.

So guess where you need to be as a business owner, marketer, organization or entrepreneur? Many are online and "they're doing it wrong". Like most skills, you've got to learn, you need guidance. Even Serena Williams has a coach and a trainer. In fact most top executives, athletes and entertainers invest heavily in more training, coaching and personal development. But what about you?

To truly integrate these powerful channels into your marketing efforts, you need a solid understanding of proven strategies, tactics and best practices. And like most efforts, creating a digital marketing plan, executing it and measuring results is essential. Here's what small business owners said..

Increased revenues - realized by 40 percent of small business owners.  

More customer engagement - experienced by 73 percent of owners.

New customers - a benefit for 57 percent of business owners surveyed.  

Let Me Ask You a Question- How Much is a Customer Worth to You Over Their Lifetime With Your Business?  

What if you doubled the number of customers you have -- would you make more money? What if one week from today you're sitting in front of your laptop, tablet or phone and you're understanding how to connect with the right target audience?  

You're boldly stepping into digital marketing excellence. You feel hopeful, confident and excited as you start to connect the dots in a meaningful way. You're learning how to generate more traffic, engagement and increase revenues on demand.

Not only will you be attracting new business, but your existing customers will have a new feeling of excitement and appreciation for your company..

The current demands for effective digital marketing can be quite overwhelming. Even professional marketers admit they cannot keep up with the pace of change. But the smart money sees the internet as rocket fuel for growth for small and medium enterprises..

Let me share with you just three reasons why digital marketing will help your business grow:  

  •  Because digital marketing caters to the mobile consumer. The mobile consumer is where the action is today and for the future. It's predicted that there will be a 10X growth in mobile data traffic by 2019. And according to Google, for the first time mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic. If your audience is on social media then they are spending the majority of their time on mobile devices. Don't you want to be with your audience?  
  •  Because digital provides better return on investment (ROI) for your marketing efforts. Look, I started my career as a marketing rep for IBM. And I'm a former print magazine publisher. So yeah, I understand traditional marketing. But for small business owners, digital marketing gives you a much more cost effective marketing channel that delivers better results. Working smart you can make it fit your budget. 
  •  Because digital marketing levels the playing field. Thank goodness that we're way past the conversation that "digital marketing is only for huge multinationals and large corporations". As a small to medium sized enterprise you can now compete effectively with the big-guys and get your fair share of the marketplace. Combine this with an effective content strategy and you can be the "market leader". 

Want to learn the simple way to avoid falling further behind in Digital Marketing ...

Look we know that plenty of the top management consulting firms charge $20K+ per month for retainer services related to digital marketing. And yes, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars for a well designed digital marketing plan for your business...

I'm also aware that there are a lot of generic plans, "guru-marketing consultants", and off-the-shelf products on the market for cheap. There is an old business law that says, "You Get What You Pay For." The problem with most of these alternatives is they often leave the buyer with the same problem. An ineffective, non-existent, not-implemented digital marketing strategy -- only now they've also wasted money seeking cheap solutions or inexperienced marketers.  

But what if you could rise above? And use digital marketing to get ahead in both
your business and social life...

I'm often approached by business owners, entrepreneurs and artists who have lost money chasing the fancy digital marketing "deal of the month". Their tales of woe and despair are heartbreaking. Products that didn't work. Too confusing. Time consuming. Not able to ask questions. The "expert" was not available. And at the end of the experience,  many of these people lost their faith in marketing. Their words are "marketing doesn't work".

 As someone with over 20-years of practical experience in both traditional and non-traditional marketing I felt embarassed. It was then that I decided to bring my expertise online -- and work with a select group of clients to help them successfully solve their digital marketing challenge.

Introducing, The Simple Solution to Grow Your Business - Digital Marketing Excellence

Anybody can make simple things complicated --
the challenge is to make the complicated simple.

Thanks to the advantages of digital marketing we have been able to introduce a specific marketing solution with the same quality, efficiency and expertise for less than half of what the top management consulting firms charge.

  1. Generate More Leads: With our digital marketing solution you'll learn how to interact with your target audience in real time. This is what today's hottest prospects expect. Bring more leads into your funnel.
  2. Reduce Overwhelm and Confusion: Millions of small business owners are investing 20-hours or more each week just trying to figure out digital marketing. We solve that problem by just giving you what works.  
  3. Increase Your Revenue: Companies using digital marketing strategies have nearly 3X better revenue growth expectancy than those who do not says Google. Expand your workforce and your business to reach markets both locally and globally with our program..
Digital Marketing Excellence Course

Here's what this program delivers! Each week you'll get a new lesson that you can complete at your own pace. In the video you'll be looking over the shoulder of a proven marketing professional. The best part is that you can also participate in group coaching sessions each week. Every student will also have direct email access. As a proven marketing expert in both traditional and non-traditional marketing, Norm regularly consults with multi-million dollar clients in banking, manufacturing, media and other key industries. Only a limited number of new clients will be accepted into this program. Click below to enroll now.

See what some of our students have to say:

"I was skeptical when I took the class. I was like 'I know computers, I've been doing this since I was eleven. What can you really show me? But I'll tell you, I've learned so much that I've actually re-worked our marketing on a dime! You gave us strategies that we can use to work it organically into what we're already doing."  

Joel Wilson, President & CEO, JCW Computer Consulting, LLC

J. WILSON Owner, JCW Computers, LLC 

"The concert went very well. I used some of the social media marketing you talked about from your webinar. It really helped my attendance numbers increase at my concert! Standing Room Only!"

Paula Newberry, Coloratura Soprano
P. NEWBERRY Coloratura Soprano 

Digital Marketing Excellence

8-Week Online Workshop Teaching You to Develop Your Digital Marketing Plan

Develop and Implement a Customized Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business 

8 Weeks of Online Video Training with Norm Bond

Weekly Group Q&A Conference Call (LIVE) with Norm Bond

  • To tweak the prorgam for each member 
  • You can come on and ask whatever question you want

Email Support directly to answer your questions

Feedback and Evaluation provided for your activities

Course Modules Include:

  • How to Get Started 
  • Define Your Target Audience
  • Setting Digital Goals and Objectives
  • Integrating Top Digital Channels
  • How to Automate to Increase Productivity
  • Content Development and Distribution
  • Action and Implementation Plan
  • Budget Development and ROI
  • Test, Measure and Adjust

Certificate of Completion

Access to Digital Media Downloads Library

Start Your No Risk, 30-day trial!

And the benefits of digital marketing excellence continue month after month.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes! You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Live group coaching sessions each week. Ask any question you like. Access to recordings of group coaching sessions. Proven digital marketing guidance from Norm Bond. Direct email access with Norm Bond. 8-weeks Online Video Training. You'll be working with a  proven digital marketing professional to keep you on the road to success. If you're not completely satisfied over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. Guaranteed.

The Skills You'll Learn are Yours for the  Life of Your Business.  And they Extend Outside the Business World

You'll be able to apply these same techniques to your personal profiles, professional profiles and other businesses that you launch. The value is incalculable. But what if we just looked at the $2,995 investment for the class, and took it over only the next 12-months. You'd be investing around $250 per month into you business. About $62 per week. And since digital marketing works 7 days a week, you're investing less than 9-dollars per day to grow your business. So for about the cost of "lunch at a fast-food restaurant" -- you'll be growing your business.

The Value of Peace of Mind - and Solving Your Problem..

What's the value to you of solving your problem? When I worked as a marketing rep for IBM there was a saying "No body ever got FIRED for buying IBM." This translated to mean that we were never the "low price provider" or the "cheapest option" - but our solutions fixed the information problems of our clients. And they could feel confident they would keep their jobs. As a business person your time is money. You want to solve your problems faster. Attracting new leads, developing new strategies, gaining a competitive advantage, increasing sales, getting a better ROI, and giving your dream and your passion the love and attention it deserves. How much is the monthly value of that to you?

Start Your Free, No Risk, 30-day trial!

Are You Ready to Start Increasing Brand Awareness, Customer Loyalty and Sales?

"As a business owner you want to get your product or service into the hands of the right people. People who have expertise want to share their talent with the audience. To serve. To live out their purpose. That's why you started your business. You saw a hole in the marketplace. A need that you could fill. Value that you could bring. You live out your purpose through this vision. Accomplishing your mission. It defines success.”

Norm Bond

P.S.: You get it all. Your digital marketing problem solved! Working with a proven industry professional. Over the shoulder style videos. Access to weekly, live, group coaching. And guaranteed results. But only a limited number of students will be accepted into this program. Click here to enroll now. Don't miss out on this chance to grow your business the way you've imagined.