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Fireworks, Alcohol and $4.4 million in Imported American Flags

Independence Day, Fourth of July

Nothing quite amps up the American patriotic juices like the annual Fourth of July free-for-all. Since being declared a federal holiday in 1941 Independence Day has turned into a marketing bonanza. The red, white and blue country wide shindig means lots of green for major retailers, small business owners and smart entrepreneurs. Hey when emotion is high, push a product is as American as capitalism itself. And we've got the numbers to prove it.

Consider that consumers will spend around $755 million to purchase 261 million pounds of fireworks. That's a whole lot of pyrotechnic shells reaching end of life. And when you add in the "display fireworks" used in the big celebrations like the Welcome America Festival in Philadelphia the national outlay explodes to over $1.09 billion.

Americans love to wolf down hot dogs during the day -- expect 150 million in total to be consumed. And nothing says patriotism like an ice cold beer. My friends at WalletHub estimate we will buy over $1 billion of beer to celebrate our independence and wash down those hot dogs. A growing portion of that is craft beer, which despite its higher cost continues to gain in popularity.
Fourth of July, Independence Day and BeerAnd that's just a portion of the monies that will be flowing to smart marketers and retailers who recognize the need to match supply with demand. Like to merchandise? There will be $4.4 million of American flags imported, mainly from China (hey Donald, how you doing?). Tweet this!

Gas stations, rental car agencies and hotels will also reap a fortune. That's because there's upwards of 42 million Americans who will travel 50+ miles from home to celebrate. On another note, be careful on the road as 400 people are killed in Fourth of July car crashes each year.

Large retailers rake in the big bucks but some small businesses will also engage in the "Fray on the Fourth". And if you miss the opportunity, no worries, because you can concentrate your money making efforts on less-crowded holidays. For example back-to-school promotions will be kicking off in August so you can get your advance planning in line for prime time.
fireworks and 4th of July

Summer is a great time for holiday marketing. Not only is August an awesome month to promote but it sets the stage to have a big push into Labor Day sales in September. And this is all US based holiday activity. No wonder in the book "Make Money Online with Holiday Marketing" (available on Amazon and via this link) I was able to discover billions of dollars in money earning opportunities. For years business owners have implemented effective strategies to turn a holiday into a personal payday.

So while you're waving a flag, drinking a beer and adding mustard to your hot dog as you wait for the fireworks keep in mind the billions of dollars circulating in the global holiday market.

Thanks for your patriotism.

4th of July by the Numbers

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