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Have You Linked Offline Marketing to Increase Online Success?

Few organizations, entrepreneurs, and corporations have effectively connected their offline and online marketing efforts. How often do you go to a great offline brand, that has 10 followers on twitter? They don't even capture their offline customers or shoppers e-mail addresses? Invite their offline guests to join the entrepreneurs  facebook fan page? Whatchutalkinboutwillis? Mobile media advertising? The thought hasn't even crossed their mind. They just use their phone as a consumer device. I know I may be stepping on some toes, but we have to get very serious about getting to the next level if we want to salvage 2010 and have a chance in 2011. The sad news is that the majority of entrepreneurs, organizations, and large companies don't have a clue as to how to leverage their marketing efforts. And by operating  in this way, you are very vulnerable to competitors that better understand the marketing opportunities.

Of course, the radius of offline marketing is limited by physical, geographical and time barriers. However, including a healthy mix of offline marketing tactics into your overall marketing strategy will help your business grow and bring about the results you've been seeking. Consider the entertainment and music industries. During the spring break period many film studios, record labels, and beverage companies will connect directly to college students in places like Cancun, Fort Lauderdale, or South Beach. These marketers make a big splash by building relationships, doing giveaways, and sponsoring contests, that often end up on youtube. From sunscreen, to condoms, to automobiles these brands understand that offline activities can spike and energize online success.

What about you? Viral marketing success is also measurable. Are you tracking online activities including mentions, media reports, upticks on your social media pages, and of course increased online and offline sales? If not, you should get started today. It's not too late, but you better move fast.

Make sure you target your message to the right people, and use the correct mediums and timing. You don't want to blow thousands (or millions) of dollars in marketing with a misguided or poorly conceived marketing campaign that delivers no results. Today's successful marketers leverage mobile marketing, seminars, events, cold calling, direct mail, promotional products, and flyer distribution into a powerful cross-marketing mix. The synergy between offline and online marketing efforts leads to results that exceeds the isolated potential of either medium.

Do you have an on demand professional that can strengthen those ties for you? Who handles your research and web analytics including SEO? Maybe your company's missing that key specialist.

What say you?

About the Author normbond

NORM BOND helps entrepreneurs and businesses increase their impact by embracing the potential of Internet and Web-based marketing, social media, mobile and digital communications. He is the author of "How to Make Money Online with Holiday Marketing" now available on Amazon. A global marketer, digital strategist and speaker he splits his time between Bangkok, Thailand and the U.S.

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