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How do you follow “0” people on Twitter?

following zero people on twitter

I laugh at people who follow "celebrities" "gurus" or "experts" -- on Twitter that are not following anyone-- at all. Not their business partners, their industry colleagues, their cousin in Omaha -- and certainly not any of the hundreds of thousands or even millions of loyalists that have made them "famous".

What's that about?

I follow none of those people. Because social media by definition means one should be, err, social?

Yeah I know they can't follow everybody, and their timeline would fill up, and maybe they just lurk and do the occasional RT but gimme a break. We're in a era of give and receive. So if someone is going to write books, hold exclusive events where they want you -- yes you --the reading and supporting public to pay them tens of thousands of dollars, hold them accountable.

Or at least unfollow them. Truth be told you can get the same information from at least a million other sources. Or maybe even create it yourself. What say you?

Norm Bond
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Norm Bond


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Norm Bond
Norm Bond
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