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How To Market To The Urban Consumer: Interview with Norm Bond

By Charles Major

A couple of weeks ago I had an opportunity to interview Norm Bond.  Norm is Chairman of the National Alliance of Market Developers and a gifted marketer who specializes in marketing to the urban consumer.  Norm truly gave some golden nuggets in this interview.

Unfortunately, technology can get in the way sometimes and this is the case with this interview.  Thankfully, Norm’s side of the interview recorded great but my video froze. I was going to ask Norm if he would conduct this interview again but I felt we would lose some of the integrity of the interview.  So don’t pay any attention to me-watch Norm and the wealth of information he provides.


Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/NormBond
FaceBook: http://www.Facebook.com/NormBond
Website: http://www.NormBond.com
National Alliance of Market Developers: http://www.namdntl.org/index.html

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About the Author normbond

NORM BOND helps entrepreneurs and businesses increase their impact by embracing the potential of Internet and Web-based marketing, social media, mobile and digital communications. He is the author of "How to Make Money Online with Holiday Marketing" now available on Amazon. A global marketer, digital strategist and speaker he splits his time between Bangkok, Thailand and the U.S.

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