How to raise venture capital (without losing your soul)


If you received your free gift "Go Big or Go Home" and have been reading it, you know the importance of raising capital.

I think combining Wil Schroter's insight and what Michael Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media describes in his analysis of the venture capital (VC) process will be invaluable to you as a marketer.   Most entrepreneurs will never meet with a venture capitalist and or play in the big league VC game. It's not that we're not capable. Or even that "there's no money out there". Too often we're not aware of how to be prepared, so that we can make this opportunity happen when it arises. You've got to be "investment ready" and thinking ahead of the game.

Venture capital may -- or may not be right for you. Bu as your guide to real marketing solutions, you need to understand your options and the process anyway. No matter where you are in the business cycle i.e. seed, growth, maturity, or decline you can't rest on your laurels. Here Michael describes his experience of raising $28 million in other people's money". There are some great lesson here to help you in your business and marketing efforts. Be sure to hear the long version as well.

What follows is an anatomy of a fundraiser. I've come up with eight lessons, all of which should help entrepreneurs -- and some of which should benefit VCs, too. I recommend that you read the full version. Here is the summary of the eight lessons he learned and describes in more detail:

  1. Be deliberate about who you raise money from
  2. Remember that VCs are pack animals
  3. Bond with the associates
  4. Avoid the shotgun marriage
  5. Be skeptical and don't always trust VCs
  6. For the VCs: Be good and you'll do well
  7. Realize that valuation isn't the only thing
  8. Think carefully about raising money from partners

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NORM BOND is a global marketer, digital strategist, speaker and consultant who splits his time between Bangkok,Thailand and the U.S. He conducts workshops and social media training for entrepreneurs, small business, nonprofits and multinational corporations.

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