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Norm Bond on

Internet Marketing is the broad term that includes a variety of marketing tools, techniques and tactics with the common factor of the internet being at the core. I begin internet marketing by examining the business goals of each client. From there we establish a strategy that considers the target audience, time-frame, demographics, available resources and getting the best return on investment.

Everything must be in strategic alignment before we move to implementation, tracking results and advancing on the strategy. This approach to internet marketing works regardless of the size of the company, the industry, or where you are in the growth cycle.

What are some of the elements of the strategic internet marketing plan we develop?"

Online search, social media, email marketing, blogging, website development, digital media, forums and mobile are some of the channels we examine. In addition internet marketing needs to be connected to your overall marketing plan and business goals.

What is the health of your brand? What is the word-of-mouth saying? Are your current customers and target audience advancing your efforts? What is your level of commitment in terms of resources particularly time and money? What are you prepared to do? What are you doing now?

Today's consumers are all about engagement. They are highly connected to their peers, their friends, their family and their brands. Even if you're not on top of the internet conversation, your customers, clients and competitors are talking about you.

Having a dusty, outdated or non-existent internet presence is not going to help your business. And effective internet marketing means more than "setting up accounts" on a few social media platforms and tweeting or posting for a few days.

As you can see there are a number of factors to consider if you want real success in internet marketing. In my ebook Web Traffic Decoded, I share practical tips and actions you should take to create the best internet presence possible. This includes a marketing mix, search engine optimization, viral marketing and how to monetize your traffic.

Perhaps you've been tasked with spending an interactive, digital or social media budget. And with so many options you are trying to determine where to start. Don't go it alone. Let me help you maximize your effectiveness and get the most return on your investment.

Together we can determine your needs, identify opportunities and take some specific and strategic actions for both immediate and long-term success. Let me help you stand out. Learn how.


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