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Introduction to Holiday Marketing

Make Money Online with Holiday Marketing

When most people think about an upcoming holiday they smile and see “a day off from work”. Some see themselves spending more time with family and friends. Perhaps they have a party planned, decorations, costumes and food to buy. A lot of folks think about how much money they are going to spend on travel, hotels or celebrating. This is traditional thinking. But what if you could make a slight change in attitude?

You could become a “holiday marketer” and experience a whole new level of celebration! And the good news is that all you need to begin is an entrepreneurial spirit and to start thinking about all of the ways it is possible to make money over ANY calendar holiday, festival or celebration.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

what? me worry?

What if instead of buying the glasses, you were selling the glasses? If instead of being just a consumer you were also a distributor? Imagine if instead of only spending money -- you figured out how to make money. And the powerful thing is you can do this offline -- or ONLINE and tap into the power of digital marketing and eCommerce.

holidays, festivals and celebrations present global opportunities

Whether you choose to work alone or build a team there are tremendous opportunities. You can decide to build with family, friends, contacts or totally new people. Anyone that shares your interest and passion may be a person you decide to work with and grow. You need to create a solid plan and then simply follow it through to maximize your profits.

One last thing about holiday marketing. If you are smart (and you wouldn’t have read this far if you were not) -- you will start early. This means planning, advertising, selling, connecting with people and committing to success right now.

You can maximize your holiday cash flow only by beginning well in advance of the actual holiday. Then when the day, the festival or the season arrives -- you can relax and enjoy yourself! I call that “the best of both worlds”. Are you ready to start planning your next holiday extravaganza? Up next we’ll look at “understanding the holiday psychology”.

Norm Bond
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Norm Bond
Norm Bond
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