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Is Your Website Busted and Shooting You in the Foot?

Loser websites

You ever read an article, get a flyer, or hear about a business or professional, and excitedly pull up their website -- only to be disappointed? The articles are ten years old, images are missing, links are broken, and the overall site is just -- busted.

Don't be a loser

Don't be a website loser

Some of you know what I mean. Maybe you have put a business name into Google and clicked on the results (or even worse, didn't find any results). This is a definite loser in terms of making a good impression, building a relationship and growing your business.

When I first started offering websites in 1998 this was understandable. The entire WorldWideWeb concept was new. You needed to understand this language called HTML. People were using dial-up to access the internet and watching video was so slow we said www meant the "world wide wait". And oh yeah, things were incredibly expensive and simple sites were in the thousands of dollars.

But in 2014, this type of web presence is unacceptable for any business or professional. And it's actually costing you money to be so unkempt with your web game. Just today I visited a site, and after taking a look decided NOT to call the contact I had read about. Tweet this!

Today there are tools that allow any business owner, entrepreneur or organization to display a professional, fresh and clean web presence. This includes a business description or summary, photos, videos, links to your social media sites including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and even include a map with directions to your offline location. And you can update this info as easily as you can upload a photo to Facebook or send an email. For example on you can create a profile, and even send a free SMS text message of your listing to a mobile phone user. And all of this is available for less than $50 per month and can be quickly updated without needing a "webmaster".

But it doesn't happen by magic. You have to assume responsibility for your online brand. The global economy is real. Your online hours are 24/7/365.  Take the time to update your content. And you must develop at least a working knowledge of an effective internet marketing strategy. Without this you can easily get ripped off by "professionals" because you have no clue as to what you're paying for and more importantly what you need for your business.

Don't be dead in the internet water. Why let you website become a liability when today there are user friendly tools to turn it into a positive asset?

Be sure to leave your comments below, and if you've got a busted site please contact me so that we can get your site ready for company.   

Norm Bond
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Norm Bond
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