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Nation’s Overall Campaign Exceeds $5 Billion

The United States is a nation where more than half of its citizens, say they now worry “about not having enough money” to pay their rent or mortgage  according to the Washington Post. Yet as we conclude the mid-term elections, we're learning that more than $5 billion dollars was spent on political campaigns.

Mobile advertising in the U.S. is expected to hit $5 billion -- in 2015. Here's what your garage would look like  -- if it held $5 billion in gold.

The level of cash spent on our electioneering, meanwhile, has never been higher says AlterNet.  In the midst of "The Great Recession" (oh yeah, it's over)..and the "jobless recovery", and the sub-prime lending crisis -- how can you get access to these types of dollars? You'd better target the super wealthy.

Just imagine how your social media strategy could pop! Ponder how your mobile marketing applications would connect to the audience. And visualize how much traffic you could drive to your website.

If  small businesses are truly the job creation engine of the U.S. economy don't we deserve a national campaign of this same magnitude? We're going to have to launch it ourselves. Are you ready to join in?

What say you?

Norm Bond
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Norm Bond
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