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Nicky Minaj’s Booty — and Marketing

OK, so last night during VideoActive, our weekly broadcast of marketing, branding and technology insights with Chris Curtis, Charles Major and  I the conversation turned to the topic of effective marketing (see the video below). I made the point (at the 0:51:23 mark in the video)that sometimes you can put out a crazy post like look at "Nicky Minaj's Booty" and generate more interest and clicks than a more focused business post like e.g. the forecast of the "Economic Jobs Report".

These popular topics posts, can generate clicks,engagement and have people view your heavier content. I equated it to "mixing orange juice with the castor oil". People tend to like these "fluff" pieces and some companies and blogs have built their entire audience on this type of content. founder and CEO, Fred Mwangaguhunga, came to mind. He recently spoke at the annual Blogging While Brown Conference. He shared valuable insights on how the site attracts  millions of unique visitors per month, although their staff is not comprised of "journalists". Fred added that traditional journalists probably wouldn't do well there, because the nature of the writing and content is different than print. (Think "provocative title, bit picture, and a caption").

I went further to add that some percentage of the audience that shows up on your blog for the fluff, may actually convert to a qualified prospect. Why? How? Because they may see some of your other compelling content, and click a link, bookmark your site, and even spread the word to additional contacts from their own audience.

So, as a marketer, you may be able to strategically use "fluff" to expand your marketing base. Plus Nicky Minaj's booty is not a bad topic. Her recent video for "Starships"has over 64 million views on YouTube.

So what say you? Is it possible to use fluff in a strategic way? Have you done it and what's been the reaction? Please leave your comments below.


Norm Bond
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Norm Bond
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