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Norm Bond Talks Tech, Marketing, Music & Biz with The Digital Drummer: Jim Neusom

Host Jim Neusom provides great usable information on technology, marketing, music and business in this edition of  "The Digital Drummer." Listen below.

Beating the beat today is one of "The Most Powerful Influencers to Follow In Social Media," NORM BOND of Norm Bond & Associates. Norm is an international authority on marketing, sales, corporate diversity and multicultural issues that thrives in both the corporate and urban spaces.

Also, entertainment industry mogul and activist SERENITY aka-TDB, Entertainer, Motivational Speaker, Power 92 (Chicago) Sales Rep, Managing Member of 1st Law Network, and Spokesperson for LGBT support group Safe Zone.


Norm Bond
NORM BOND shows people how to use digital marketing tools to find customers, grow sales and increase profits. And if you're not using digital tools he shows you how to do that too. He currently splits his time between Bangkok, Thailand and the U.S. He is available for consulting and speaking.
Norm Bond


Digital Marketer, Growth Hacker. Solution Dealer. Crashes servers. Sells out events. Highly influential | Contact me via Earn
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Norm Bond
Norm Bond
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