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Online Marketing Seminar in Bangkok features Norm Bond

Bangkok Thailand SEO and Internet Marketing Seminar

first page Google rankingHave you ever wanted to see your business on the first page of Google's search results? Are you short on the technical expertise to earn money from your website? Need to better understand growth hacking and the business side of social media? Then make your way to the  "Online Marketing Seminar" being held on Thursday, April 23 from 2-5PM at the American Bar & Grill Restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 8 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Two hands-on internet marketing professionals, Tom Aikins and Norm Bond will be your presenters at the Online Marketing Seminar. Aikins is a Bangkok-based SEO and online marketing expert who has been doing seminars in Thailand for six years. He's also the proprietor of American Bar & Grill, and has applied his SEO savvy to consistently rank the business on the first page of Google's search results for multiple keywords.

Norm Bond is a special guest presenter at the event and is new to Bangkok, Thailand arriving from Philadelphia in the US. He is widely recognized as an international authority on marketing, social media, sales and corporate diversity matters. He is the author of Web Traffic Decoded, a highly successful ebook that is available for download on, Vook and other distributors of digital media products.

Since 90% of search traffic stops at the first page of Google, it is obvious that your search ranking matters. In addition social media, if used effectively can also improve your search ranking and move your business ahead of competitors. Growth hacking is changing how marketing works by combining creativity, analytical thinking and social metrics to build an audience and create market share. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about these topics and interact directly with the presenters.

It is encouraged to bring your mobile devices to the event as well for interactive and real time application of the tactics and techniques that will be shared.

Space is limited for this event and you must register in advance. Secure your space today by emailing or calling 081-420-1946. Admission for the event is 1,750 baht.

Norm Bond
NORM BOND shows people how to use digital marketing tools to find customers, grow sales and increase profits. And if you're not using digital tools he shows you how to do that too. He currently splits his time between Bangkok, Thailand and the U.S. He is available for consulting and speaking.
Norm Bond


Digital Marketer, Growth Hacker. Solution Dealer. Crashes servers. Sells out events. Highly influential | Contact me via Earn
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Norm Bond
Norm Bond
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