Power with a Purpose: PowerNetworking 2011

George Fraser
Norm Bond and George Fraser

Norm Bond and George Fraser at 2011 PowerNetworking Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the 2011 PowerNetworking Conference held in Atlanta, GA. This years theme was “Power with a Purpose” and the 10th Annual event lived up to it’s brand promise. It was truly “not your ordinary conference”. One of the things that makes this event special is what it is NOT. It’s not an “issues conference” where speakers address political, social, or economic issues, rehash those topics, and attendees leave with updates. Instead the PowerNetworking Conference is a “training conference” where attendees leave with marketable skills in the area of networking. The presenters (and many in the audience) are business coaches, trainers, authors, students, entrepreneurs and corporate executives coming together to share information, opportunities and resources with the purpose of building relationships. The tagline for the event is “connect at a different kind of conference“.

Of course the issues are discussed, but they’re addressed within the context of building relationships via networking within our community in order to implement solutions. The PowerNetworking Conference is unapologetic in its focus on improving cultural awareness, cultural consciousness, and professional competence within the African American community and the broader global Black Diaspora. Organized by master networker George Fraser, founder of FraserNet, the vision is to “lead a global networking movement that brings together diverse human resources to increase opportunities, wealth and jobs for people of African descent.”

As marketers we know the importance of building reciprocal relationships and partnerships with entities that value, respect, and are willing to reciprocate the brand loyalty of our audience. I will share more about FraserNet later. I was honored to be part of the initial brain-trust ten years ago as a member of the International Advisory Board for the SuccessGuide. It’s great to see how the commitment to service has remained intact. I encourage you to join with us as we connect around the major objectives of FraserNet and I hope to see you at a future PowerNetworking Conference.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what you’ll experience!

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