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PR RENAISSANCE: The Power of PR to Impact Diversity, Marketing & the Bottom Line

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Recently I joined the National Black Public Relations Society (NBPRS) as a presenter for their Web Cafe series of FREE webinars.

It was an enjoyable session which I titled:
PR RENAISSANCE: The Power of PR to Impact Diversity, Marketing & the Bottom Line

The one hour session was described as follows:

Census 2010 promises to reveal that America is now more diverse than ever. As a communicator in the “Age of Obama” how do the changing demographics impact the touchpoints of your company, organization, or personal brand? How can this new reality be leveraged strategically and effectively? And what are the PR pitfalls that can derail your efforts and make your brand the next PR disaster?

The competition for mindshare is more intense than ever. It’s mission critical to leverage social media, targeted marketing strategies, and consumer participation to bring change from the outside in. Tomorrow’s brand leaders are working now to effectively move the message from the marketplace to the executive offices and the boardroom in a coordinated manner. They engage in continuous learning, exploring the opportunities to benefit from the connections, interactions, and alliances that are possible on a global scale. At the end of this 60-minute session, you will learn:

* How to define and assess the big picture of diversity and its relationship to marketing and public relations

* How to create a strategic marketing and PR plan that leverages diversity and leads to a top down approach

* Why everything you do either builds or weakens your PR efforts and why you need to know whether your efforts are doing one or the other

You can watch the presentation by clicking here

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