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Self-Published Author Makes Millions From eBook Sales


Amanda Hocking was unknown, unsigned and living paycheck to paycheck in Austin, Minnesota, rejected by publishers all over New York. What was a 26-year old aspiring writer to do? She decided to self-publish on ebook platforms only -- and struck gold! She sold 100,000 of her works in one month and over 10 months she's sold more than 900,000. Considering she gets to keep 70% of most her book sales and she sells around 100,000 copies a month, do the math and she's doing pretty well for herself.  

Now she's a featured entrepreneur in media circles including Elle Magazine's April issue, The Business Insider and USA Today. And she's accomplished all of this without having what was once considered essential to make it as a writer: a big New York publishing house. Watch the local news story below:

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NORM BOND is a global marketer, digital strategist, speaker and consultant who splits his time between Bangkok,Thailand and the U.S. He conducts workshops and social media training for entrepreneurs, small business, nonprofits and multinational corporations. He has a MS in Information Science and is an ex-IBM marketing rep.

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