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Social Media Marketing More Scientific

Social media is having a lightning rod impact on the world of marketing. However, there is still a lot of hit-and-miss in the tactics and strategies being utilized. So when Dan Zarella shared some scientific methods he's researched to make social media more effective I thought it would be a valuable read. He doesn't disappoint with these ten ways including:

1. Try lots of campaigns and iterate on what works. Conduct your own version of evolution, start with many different ideas and learn which things did well and do more of that.

2. Audience size does matter. Quality does not negate the need for quantity, you need to have both engaged followers, and a large number of followers.

3. Find and target your influencers. Having influential people in your audience is important, and especially in less technical industries, those members of your market who are on social media first, are the most influential.

4. Bigger & louder works – to a point. You can yell over the top of the social media clutter, but only for so long.

5. Personalize: talk to your audience. Ever heard your name over the top of the noise in a crowded party? That's selective attention, utilize it in your marketing.

To read the complete list click here. As a business person you know that research reduces risks. And the further you can reduce risks, the greater your chance of success. That's how you work smarter - and not just harder. In today's highly competitive marketplace you need every edge you can get. And with social media still emerging, there's no better time than now to start applying some scientific testing into your own social media tactics and efforts.
What say you?

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NORM BOND helps entrepreneurs and businesses increase their impact by embracing the potential of Internet and Web-based marketing, social media, mobile and digital communications. He is the author of "How to Make Money Online with Holiday Marketing" now available on Amazon. A global marketer, digital strategist and speaker he splits his time between Bangkok, Thailand and the U.S.

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