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“Brogrammers of Silicon Valley” Face Sexism Allegations

Sexism in Silicon Valley

Today many of the fast money getting, tech-wunderkinds seem to have also skipped the gender equality elective, while majoring in computer science.

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Why So Few Black Presenters at Social Media Conferences?

Brand ManageCamp

America has become more diverse than ever (ask the Republican Party) – and yet even the new media experts seem to be clinging to a racial version of America that does not reflect the reality. If you look closely at the speaker and panel lineups, you might imagine that it’s 1950 all over again.

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Walmart’s Tony Rogers: ‘Blow Up’ Your Multicultural Budget


“I’ve come to the conclusion that if you really want to be serious about multicultural, one way to do it is just blow up the multicultural budget,” Mr. Rogers said. “Take the multicultural budget out of a silo and push it out into the business units.

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Multicultural Is the Wave of the Future

Changes in demographics, marketing tools and corporate expertise have made multicultural marketing more relevant than ever.

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Ad Agencies Pursue “New” General Market

“We’re saying the new reality is that it’s more of a cross-cultural world, a mash-up of cultures.”

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Job Bias Charges Hit Record High in Fiscal Year 2010

Private sector workplace discrimination charge filings with the EEOC nationwide hit an unprecedented level of 99,922 during fiscal year (FY) 2010.

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Will Aishwarya Rai Sue Elle India Over Skin Lightening?

The Times of India is reporting that sources close to Bachchan say she is considering a lawsuit against the magazine if she finds that, after further investigation, they did in fact digitally lighten her skin tone.

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The Cost of Ignorance By Ladan Nikravan

Culturally naive business managers are allowing their organizations to lose millions of dollars in lost opportunities due to cultural misunderstandings, which are leading to the mismanagement of employees. Miscommunication and a lack of cross-cultural understanding are two main barriers organizations face when it comes to working globally.

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The Gift of Diversity: Up Close with Lewis Griggs

“I represent twelve generations, all Anglo blood since the 1600’s, since the Mayflower…I was raised in class; the class of private education, Amherst BA, Stanford MBA, Episcopalian, registered Republican, like Scranton and Rockefeller. In fact, Scranton (Gov. William Scranton, PA) is a good friend of my father’s. They were in the same class at Yale. As was Chuck Pillsbury, after whom my brother was named…I’m heterosexual. I’m married with two children, a girl and a boy…I’ve got my Lands End clothes, my Volvo wagon, and my Golden Retrievers…[But] I’m not just another white male,” says Lewis Griggs from his San Francisco office.

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Nine Ways to Get a Bigger Lift From Your Marketing Efforts

Any marketing tool you utilize should be designed to increase sales. If you use traditional media like print newspapers, magazines, direct mail, television,radio, and word-of-mouth you want to increase sales.

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