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Mobile TV Service in 20 Markets by the end of 2011

A joint venture of 12 major broadcasters, announced a commitment to upgrade TV stations in 20 DMAs in order to deliver live video to portable devices. By late 2011, the venture will deliver mobile video service in markets representing more than 40% of the US population.


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3 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Overtaking Internet Marketing? By Gaurab Borah

There has been a lot of buzz about mobile marketing recently. Mobile marketing is the brand new era of marketing that can put your foot on the path of financial freedom. It is very effective and come in handy while promoting your products. It is a more targeted way of connecting to limitless clients. If you wonder “Is mobile marketing better than internet marketing”.


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Facebook Launches a New Mobile Ad Service

More than 20 corporate partners have joined with Facebook in introducing a new service that will allow local merchants to offer “deals” to Facebook users. When the consumer checks into the merchants “place” on Facebook, they’ll receive offers on their mobile device from restaurants, coffee shops, malls and other merchants.

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