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Virtual Reality Headsets Won’t Block Porn

Above: Immersed in a virtual world. Image Credit: Flickr/Sergey Galyonkin

The porn industry influences and drives adoption in the general market. Check the growth of beta/VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, streaming video and you will see the direct correlation

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How the Consumer-Led Economy is Disrupting the Hotel Industry

worldwide hotel industry

The hotel industry is being disrupted. Of course we know about Airbnb but they may actually be the least of the industry’s problems. The real challenge is changing the culture of a business sector that has experienced tremendous success. History shows it’s difficult and the result is that former household names may go the way of Borders Books. […]

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Attention People Working to Change the World

The Bond Report Podcast

The Bond Report-podcast – our focus and content is targeted to: “people working to change the world — and realizing they can’t do it alone.” They need tools, connections and practical information. World changers come in all sizes and they could be working in either local or global markets. We focus on empowerment and ACTION – in […]

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Online Marketing Seminar in Bangkok features Norm Bond

Bangkok Thailand SEO and Internet Marketing Seminar

Since 90% of search traffic stops at the first page of Google, it is obvious that your search ranking matters. Are you short on the technical expertise to earn money from your website? Need to better understand the business side of social media? Then make your way to the “Online Marketing Seminar” being held on Thursday, April 23 from 2-5PM at the American Bar & Grill Restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 8 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Photoshop Master Class Reviewed

Photoshop Master Class

In 180 minutes you’ll go from Photoshop beginner to a pro and you’ll have all the tools you need to create high quality web graphics. And yes, you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars

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Norm Bond Talks Tech, Marketing, Music & Biz with The Digital Drummer: Jim Neusom

Hear great usable information on technology, marketing, music and business in this edition of “The Digital Drummer” hosted by Jim Neusom with guests Norm Bond and entertainer, motivational speakerSERENITY aka-TDB.

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Are you a Frank solopreneur? See how social media can help

Meet Frank, solopreneur

This Frank entrepreneur had his life changed through social media training. See how.

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Is Your Website Busted and Shooting You in the Foot?

Loser websites

You ever excitedly pull up a website — only to be disappointed? The articles are ten years old, images are missing, links are broken, and the overall site is just — busted.

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NAMD Chairman Norm Bond to head acpDirectory’s US Operations

Today it’s the world’s most user friendly bilingual online directory for world cultures with free SMS. We promote local and multicultural trade, online listings, deal coupons, events and classified ads in your neighborhood.

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Nicky Minaj’s Booty — and Marketing

Some percentage of the audience that shows up on your blog for the fluff, may actually convert to a qualified prospect.

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