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How to Take Charge of Your Holiday Marketing Content

toddler-playing holiday marketing

When most people think of content they think of text. Articles, blog posts and social media updates. This is only one of several types of holiday content that should be created.

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Why Your Blog Blows..in the Wind

tumbleweed monument balley

A blog allows a company to connect with readers. It confirms to that audience that a certain company exists online. If you’re an entrepreneur, small or mid-size enterprise then you can grow your brand through content.

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How the Consumer-Led Economy is Disrupting the Hotel Industry

worldwide hotel industry

The hotel industry is being disrupted. Of course we know about Airbnb but they may actually be the least of the industry’s problems. The real challenge is changing the culture of a business sector that has experienced tremendous success. History shows it’s difficult and the result is that former household names may go the way of Borders Books. […]

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Attention People Working to Change the World

The Bond Report Podcast

The Bond Report-podcast – our focus and content is targeted to: “people working to change the world — and realizing they can’t do it alone.” They need tools, connections and practical information. World changers come in all sizes and they could be working in either local or global markets. We focus on empowerment and ACTION – in […]

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Online Marketing Seminar in Bangkok features Norm Bond

Bangkok Thailand SEO and Internet Marketing Seminar

Since 90% of search traffic stops at the first page of Google, it is obvious that your search ranking matters. Are you short on the technical expertise to earn money from your website? Need to better understand the business side of social media? Then make your way to the “Online Marketing Seminar” being held on Thursday, April 23 from 2-5PM at the American Bar & Grill Restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 8 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Tech at Pantip Plaza Bangkok

Pantip Plaza, the info tech super center in Bangkok is unlike anything else you’ve seen in the world. Check out this brief tour.

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Is Your Website Busted and Shooting You in the Foot?

Loser websites

You ever excitedly pull up a website — only to be disappointed? The articles are ten years old, images are missing, links are broken, and the overall site is just — busted.

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Why So Few Black Presenters at Social Media Conferences?

Brand ManageCamp

America has become more diverse than ever (ask the Republican Party) – and yet even the new media experts seem to be clinging to a racial version of America that does not reflect the reality. If you look closely at the speaker and panel lineups, you might imagine that it’s 1950 all over again.

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Disappointing news in Twitter’s first earnings report as a public company

twitter @normbond

Sure there’s still hundreds of millions of users, but the name of the game is expansion, growth and profits. So look for changes in the platform real soon.

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New Webinar Connects Social Media and Self-Determination

You can register now for the upcoming free webinar “Connecting Social Media & Self-Determination” with your host Norm Bond.

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