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Tech at Pantip Plaza Bangkok

Pantip Plaza, the info tech super center in Bangkok is unlike anything else you’ve seen in the world. Check out this brief tour.

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Five Tech Trends of 2014 You Should Have Implemented

What if you knew what the tech world was planning over the next three to five years? This would allow you to start positioning yourself to take advantage of these trends and maximize their effort for your specific interest and efforts. Well here you go!

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Norm Bond Talks Tech, Marketing, Music & Biz with The Digital Drummer: Jim Neusom

Hear great usable information on technology, marketing, music and business in this edition of “The Digital Drummer” hosted by Jim Neusom with guests Norm Bond and entertainer, motivational speakerSERENITY aka-TDB.

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Is Your Website Busted and Shooting You in the Foot?

Loser websites

You ever excitedly pull up a website — only to be disappointed? The articles are ten years old, images are missing, links are broken, and the overall site is just — busted.

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Why So Few Black Presenters at Social Media Conferences?

Brand ManageCamp

America has become more diverse than ever (ask the Republican Party) – and yet even the new media experts seem to be clinging to a racial version of America that does not reflect the reality. If you look closely at the speaker and panel lineups, you might imagine that it’s 1950 all over again.

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Disappointing news in Twitter’s first earnings report as a public company

twitter @normbond

Sure there’s still hundreds of millions of users, but the name of the game is expansion, growth and profits. So look for changes in the platform real soon.

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‘One-ring’ cell phone scam could cost you money

missed call scam

Crooks let the phone ring once — just enough to cause a missed call message to pop up on victims’ phones — and then hang up. If you dial number back you’ll find yourself connected to a paid “adult entertainment service” located overseas.

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New Webinar Connects Social Media and Self-Determination

You can register now for the upcoming free webinar “Connecting Social Media & Self-Determination” with your host Norm Bond.

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Alicia Keys and BlackBerry Break Up

Alicia Keys and Thorsten Heins

Well it looks like the Alicia Keys and Blackberry engagement has officially broken up. (I know – who expected it to last right?) On Thursday, BlackBerry announced it is ending its relationship with Keys, who just last January was named “global creative director.”

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Millennials on business travel? Add room service, vacation days

“Millennial” travelers – defined as those between 18 and 30 years old – have sharply different business and leisure travel habits and expectations than do their older peers.

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