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Microsoft lands Skype for $8.6 billion all cash deal


Microsoft Corp plans to buy Internet phone service Skype for $8.5 billion in its biggest-ever acquisition.

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Reboot your life: 20 mental barriers you should let go of

So if you were in the hot air balloon situation, which of these mental barriers should we let go? I have listed down 20 here. Do you have any more?

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8 ways to bootstrap your company

Bootstrapping a startup refers to starting a small business by funding it yourself or through customer receipts — without getting any external investment.

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Multimillionaires Without High School Diplomas

The editors over at Forbes.com have been digging in the crates, and compiled an interesting list of 25 millionaires who weren’t included in their high school yearbooks. Apparently “for a talented few, the school of hard knocks offers a substantially higher return than time spent in the classroom.”

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Groupon’s $6 Billion Gambler By BARI WEISS

The 30-year-old CEO in Chicago is changing the way we buy from local businesses. And trying to make billions doing it.

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Tapping the Crowd for Funds

When recent college graduate Bronson Chang wanted to renovate his uncle’s candy shop in Honolulu, he decided to tap his social network for the funds via a “crowdfunding” website, instead of seeking a loan at a bank.

Crowdfunding sites—such as ProFounder.com, Peerbackers.com, Kickstarter.com and IndieGoGo.com—allow entrepreneurs to raise money collectively toward a monetary target. Entrepreneurs can create a profile on a crowdfunding site listing their monetary goals, an explanation of how the funds will be used, and an end-date for the campaign. Once the information goes live on the site, investors can pledge money toward the entrepreneur’s goal. These sites typically take a small percentage of the funds that an entrepreneur takes home.

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