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Tanking Economy Predicted Until 2014

Although I have been stating this since January of 2010, it's good to see that now many mainstream economists are coming to the same conclusion -- "you got nothing coming." A panel of economists on Tuesday predicted several more years of pain for the United States, agreeing unemployment will remain high far longer than 2014.

"It's going to take many years before you get back to anything approaching full employment, and 2014 is probably too early," said Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius, speaking at a conference held at the Newseum in Washington. Interestingly the venue is within walking distance of the White House, where economic spin doctors keep drubbing up the notion that the recession ended in 2009 (insert laughter here). "This is not the time for a tax increase," said Harvard's Martin Feldstein, who said that doing nothing to extend tax cuts "seems like a disaster scenario."

The reality is that working for yourself on a full-time or part-time basis is your best long term plan for economic security. Even with the enormous stimulus spending, TARP monies, bailouts, buy-outs, bonuses and other incentives people still don't feel secure. And why should they? Unemployment is at 9.8% within general America and nearly 17% within the African American and other ethnic communities. What will be the effect of four more years of dismal economic performance?

Solutions are available. The internet is ripe with business opportunities. You have to do your homework and work as a team. The medium is also full of con-artists, international scammers, and other predators. My advice, connect with a knowledgeable marketing expert or source that can be a soundboard. Develop a strategy. And move your idea forward. Once you start to achieve results, leverage those for more growth.

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Norm Bond
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Norm Bond
Norm Bond
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