the social network – movie


Hollywood has premiered a story about the founders of the social-networking website, Facebook. It started in theaters October 1, 2010. Have you seen it yet? How are you leveraging social media connections in the real world? Why should Mark Zuckerberg have all the fun? There is still a whole internet frontier of opportunity waiting for you in the social media industry.

To capitalize you'll need an idea, a strategy, a team and the ability to execute successfully. If you combine these elements you'll realize social network success. I'm here to help you build your team and apply the information so that your ideas can become reality.

Let's network for social and business empowerment!

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About The Author

NORM BOND is a global marketer, digital strategist, speaker and consultant who splits his time between Bangkok,Thailand and the U.S. He conducts workshops and social media training for entrepreneurs, small business, nonprofits and multinational corporations.