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Tupac Sales Boosted by Coachella Hologram

It was the hologram that "shook up the world!" When Tupac appeared virtually at the annual Coachella Festival he also reincarnated his music career.

Fans took to mobile and social media to Tweet, share pics and send videos about the groundbreaking performance. And of course they did some ecommerce buying thousands of albums.  These mobile downloads and interactions also spiked Snoop Dogg, Pacs onstage duet partner into the Social 50. 

Tupac's 1998 album Greatest Hits returns to the Billboard 200 for the first time since 2000, as it jumps back in at No. 129 with 4,000 copies sold according to Nielsen SoundScan (a gain of 571 percent over the previous week). The MC's other albums also saw gains, including All Eyez On Me (2,000; up 95 percent) and Me Against the World (1,000; up 53 percent). (watch the video below)

Tupac Hologram At Coachella 

Dr. Dre thanked the companies AV Concepts and Digital Domain who made his "dream come to life." The professional showman ended the 54-second video interview by explaining the rigorous demands of live performance. "Now I gotta get my ass on stage and rock this motherf---er," he said

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