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What Former NBA Star Stephon Marbury Can Teach Us About GlobeBALL Engagement

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Former NBA player Stephon Marbury shared the stage with Hindi cinema legend Aamir Khan as both men were in Beijing to promote their films. Marbury has a new documentary-film My Other Home, which details his fall from the NBA and journeying to rediscover his passion in China.

In January 2010, Marbury became the first notable NBA player to depart to play in China. Since then he's led the Beijing Ducks to three championships in the Chinese Basketball Association. There is a statue of him outside the home arena. And he's rekindled his relationship with the NBA. In addition his website, sneaker sales and endorsement deals have reached new heights.

Marbury also understands the power of social media. He's on several platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. His content, authenticity and consistency prove he knows what works.

But his real secret sauce is engagement with his audience. We have followed each other on Twitter for several years. When I shared this @StarburyMarbury tweet he responded almost immediately from China.

Engagement is one of the keys to getting the results you want on social media. A bestselling book, record or movie has to have an audience. The top selling consultant, entrepreneur or job seeker needs to engage with his or her target audience. Engagement presents an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage -- because so many brands, companies and people simply won't do it. Peep the comments even here on LinkedIn if you need proof.

We all know by now (at least I would hope) that marketing is not just shouting your message in one direction at consumers -- over and over again. That's dead.Stephon Marbury, NBA & CBA basketball star and Aamir Khan, Hindi cinema legend.
Smart global brands like the NBA recognize that people want to feel ownership of the things they share. Consumers are not passive "fans of brands". They're creative and socially active. Many have established their own audience, They're building trust, relationships and monetizing based on specific interests.

According to a new study by Viacom, 86% of millennials say: “ Fans have at least some ownership of the things they’re fans of.”

So if you want to be a global player or just stay relevant in your local community you're going to have to learn how to effectively engage with your target audience.

It's really simple but it's not easy.

What say you? Engage by adding your comments below.

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