WordPress Alert: The CMS Now Runs 27% of the Entire Internet

WordPress Runs 27% of the Internet

What do the New York Post, TED, USA Today, CNN, Fortune.com, TIME.com, Spotify, TechCrunch, Mashable, NBC and eBay all have in common? If you guessed they all run blogs powered by WordPress then move to the front of the class. In fact 48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs are now managed with WordPress.

48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs are now managed with WordPress

The sheer dominance of the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is more astonishing when you consider it has only been around for 14 years. And yet 2,645 of the top 10k websites on the web use WordPress.

According to W3Techs which provides information about the usage of various types of technologies on the web, the two closest competitors Joomla and and Drupal combined are used by 11.6%, less than a fifth of WordPress.

WordPress powers 25% of all websites
And it's not just news organizations. WordPress is most popular with business websites. The number of business sites powered by WordPress is five times the number of WordPress-managed news sites.

So I'm still surprised when I speak to business owners and entrepreneurs who remain in the dark about this powerful tool. I recently spoke to a room of about 350 B2B logistics industry professionals. And when I asked, "How many of you have a blog?[WordPress]"-- fewer than 5% of the attendees raised their hands.

I've seen similar response rates when I've asked this question to entrepreneurs and SMEs including salon owners, global spas, and freight forwarders. What could they possibly be waiting for -- more proof that HTML is dead?
free set of videos to help you add WordPress and do your own blog

The interesting thing is that the vast majority of these professionals are getting their daily information from blogs, many powered by -- wait for it -- WordPress. That's correct. Hidden right there in plain sight. And these are industries with profit margins that are razor thin.

Most of these owners want to "get their message out there". They desperately need to connect with their audience and build relationships. (Believe me, they're not sending out press releases to the mainstream media.)

I just created a free set of videos to help you add WordPress and do your own blog.

So I just created a free set of videos to help you add WordPress and do your own blog. If you want to get the free set of 30-videos just leave your email address in the comments.

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